Welcome to our integrative medical center  


Dr. Garrett Wdowin has created a truly one of a kind medical center located in a one of a kind area.  His integrative medical center is located in the heart of Newport Beach, CA at the corner of Avocado and PCH in beautiful Corona Del Mar.  


Individualized Integrative Medicine


The doctors and medical staff at Wdowin NMD perform numerous and various testing, including nutritional, hormonal, environmental and genetic evaluations, to determine precisely what YOUR body needs.




Let thy food by thy medicine

Individualized diet plans based on food intolerance avoidance and nutraceutical supplementation will improve and maintain health.


The sauce of life

Healthy hormone levels are crucial for proper functioning and for healthy aging of the body.



removing the toxins in you

The average person in the US has over 200 chemicals in their blood at any given time.  By assisting the body with the removal of these know toxins rates of heart disease, dementia and cancer all decrease. 
Check out Dr. Wdowin's Heavy Metal Handout


stacking the deck in your favor

Your daily choices effect gene activation.
Choosing to workout, eat correctly (most of the time), perform IV nutritional treatments, and take nutraceuticals improves on the genetics that you were born with. 
Stop blaming your parents and take control. 


For an initial appointment with Dr. Wdowin call the office at 949-891-1693 or fill in the information section to the right and our office will contact you ASAP.

Thank you for taking the first step and we look forward to assisting with your health. 

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