Intravenous Nutrition


What is an Ingenious IV?

"Ingenious IV's" are the optimal way to administer specific nutritional mixtures to patients for both the treatment and prevention of disease. Dr. Garrett Wdowin spent years of diligent investigation into the quality of ingredients, purity, mixtures, doses, administration styles, and administration rates of specific nutrients to be most safe and effective against specific conditions and diseases.  The "Ingenious IV's" are a means to provide your body the support it needs for optimal functioning.

Why intravenous and not oral?

Two Main Reasons:

  1. Many people today have numerous factors that are not supportive of the body's ability to absorb nutrition via the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, small intestines, etc).  Stress, chronic inflammation, age, dysbiosis (improper balance of healthy bacteria), and food additives can all decrease a person's ability to absorb oral nutrients making it difficult to bring about a physiological change in the body.  The intravenous (IV) administration of nutrients bypasses digestion, absorption issues, and processing by the liver allowing the administration of precise amounts of nutrition into the circulation.  This IV administration of precise amounts during precise times accomplishes the physiological changes necessary to achieve your health goals.
  2. Another reason for IV nutrition, the body cannot absorb anywhere near the amount of nutrition that can be intravenously administered.  This is incredibly important if a person is addressing a chronic disease like heart disease or cancer, and when there are genetic issues in a person's body that demand thousands of times the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) to perform optimally.