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Amidst the initial whirlwind of blood work, biopsies, and imaging studies most patients diagnosed with cancer are shocked, confused, and often feel hurried by the medical community to make treatment decisions before they really feel confident with the process.  During these rushed decisions a patient often misses out on a number of integrative therapies that can be of great benefit to their condition. 

Wdowin NMD takes care to the next level because along with offering therapies that have been shown to directly kill cancer cells we believe in three time tested tenets to support the body’s overall health:

Cleanse the body of infections and toxins because toxins are known to both potentiate the growth and spread of cancer as well as decrease or block the effectiveness of conventional therapies. 

Support the immune system, including natural killer (NK) cells, to function correctly because we believe a healthy immune system can prevent and defeat cancer.

Give the body optimum amounts of nutrition for all the necessary processing required to remove and prevent cancer in the body. 

At Wdowin NMD our staff includes Naturopathic Medical Doctors trained in the usage of both conventional and integrative therapies, and testing to address and monitor cancer.  The center does not offer in-house chemotherapy, radiation or surgery; however, we will work with oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons to offer the most effective therapy possible.  Through this multidisciplinary approach to disease we are able to offer a greater chance of success and decreased side effects during conventional therapy for our patients.

The therapies offered at the center are science based and supported by thousands of medical research papers.

Cancer is a complex disease that will test a patient’s, and their families, resolve and stamina.  If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, please allow us to share our knowledge and experience to help support and ease the journey ahead.