Nebulizer Applies PRP Directly to Damaged Lungs

New York Based stem cell doctor with unique approach to make people lose weight by fixing hormone imbalance and sleep disorders beyond diet and exercise. Has offices in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Dr. Prabhat Soni was recently interviewed by the American Health Journal on his innovative Nebulized PRP treatment. The Manhattan doctor demonstrated the stem cell nebulizer mask and it's effectiveness in treating lung problems, such as allergies, asthma and COPD. Dr. Soni's interview will be included in a 13 part "DocTalk" series on YouTube called "Innovations in Medicine."

"At American Health Journal, on PBS, we're on the search for medical innovation, transformation and disruption as told by top doctors," says AHJ Global Executive Producer, Michael Lesner. "Dr. Soni provided us with our first look at nebulized PRP, a look into the future of treatment for lung inflammation and injury."

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, holds immense promise for the treatment of injury and disease. Today, PRP is also a treatment option for lung inflammation and injury, due to the utilization of nebulized PRP through a nebulizer face mask. Nebulized PRP is available in a growing number of medical clinics nationwide.

PRP seems to be on everyone's radar right now, and platelets are a key reason. Present naturally in everyone's blood, platelets release growth factors and other immune system components to start the healing process when a person is injured. This is known as the inflammatory phase of healing.

PRP typically is injected at an injury site to stimulate the healing response with additional platelets. PRP has been used and proven effective in many condition such as osteoarthritis of joints, sexual dysfunction in both male and female patients (The "O" shot and The "P" Shot), wound care management, and facial rejuvenation, such as the famed "Vampire Facelift." In The past PRP treatment therapies have shown promising results in aiding patients heal more quickly after neurosurgery, dental procedures, cardiothoracic surgery, cosmetic surgery and even Urology when addressing ED. Nebulized PRP provides an even newer delivery method that gives physicians another option for treating the lungs.

By allowing the patient to breathe aerosolized particles of nebulized PRP, the new delivery method increases the number of platelets into the lungs' endothelial cells, which reduces inflammation and stimulates the healing process.

"We have become a leader in regenerative medicine," said Matt Wallis, founder of IMAC Regeneration Centers. "With years of extensive research and experience, we are now utilizing platelet and stem cell therapies. The recent addition of nebulized platelet treatments has resulted in successful medical outcomes for patients with COPD, emphysema, and asthma."

Nebulized PRP treatment is currently offered at the following clinics:
-IMAC Regenerative Centers Paducah, KY
-Dr. Martin Gallagher Jeanette, PA
-Dr. Prabhat Soni, Brooklyn and Manhattan New York

The interview is available through the DocTalk YouTube Channel.

Interested individuals should consult with their doctor to learn more about Nebulized PRP treatment.

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