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Intravenous (IV) therapy can offer direct delivery of a number of solutions that can help restore a healthy balance to your body and improve your overall wellness. Garrett Wdowin, NMD, and the team at Wdowin NMD in Corona Del Mar, California, are proud to offer IV nutrition, IV chelation therapy, IV immunotherapy, and other forms of infusion therapy in the comfort of their office. For a consultation, call the practice or schedule an appointment online.

IV Therapy Q & A

What is intravenous therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy, also called infusion therapy, is a method for delivering doses of medically and nutritionally beneficial solutions to the body. IV medications or supplements are delivered directly to the bloodstream.

An intravenous catheter is inserted into a vein, initially using a needle to accurately place the small, soft tube. The needle is removed, leaving the catheter behind, creating easy, direct access to your bloodstream. Infused therapies are regulated by an IV machine that manages the speed with which you receive the IV solution.

An IV infusion is often more efficient than oral delivery for administering high doses of nutritional supplements, detoxifying solutions, and other therapies. The infusion time, the rate of delivery, and expected results differ depending on your specific infusion therapy.

Why is IV infusion more efficient than oral delivery?

IV infusion is more efficient than oral supplementation to deliver some therapies. This is because IV infusion allows for quicker and more efficient absorption. In many cases, a person’s body may not be able to effectively absorb oral nutrition due to:

  • Chronic stress
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Advanced age
  • Metabolic conditions
  • Intolerance of food additives
  • Poor digestion or leaky gut
  • Dysbiosis, which is an imbalance of digestive bacteria

IV therapy also allows for the delivery of much higher doses of vitamins and minerals than could be well-tolerated if taken orally. In the case of treatment or support of diseases, such as cancer or heart disease, needed supplementation could be up to thousands of times more than the recommended daily intake of certain vitamins.

What kinds of IV therapies are available?

Dr. Wdowin and his team offer a variety of IV therapies to support or treat a number of acute and chronic conditions. These include:

  • Immunotherapy to support the immune system
  • Chelation therapy to detoxify the body and treat many conditions
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation to treat disease and boost wellness
  • Ingenious IV to support overall health and boost the immune system

Ingenious IV is an infusion therapy developed by Dr. Wdowin after years of research to determine the ideal mixtures, doses, rates, and ingredients that can provide your body with the support it needs for optimal functioning and healing.

For a consultation about any of these IV therapies, call the office or schedule an appointment online with Wdowin NMD.