Certain cells within your body have the ability to rejuvenate various cells and tissues. These cells have the potential to significantly reduce the signs and effects of aging throughout the body. At Wdowin NMD Integrative Medical Center, Dr. Wdowin and his team are specialists in utilizing these cells to improve pain, regenerate tissues, and even treat chronic conditions.

What is Cellular Therapy?
Cellular Therapy uses the body’s raw materials. These are the cells from which all other specialized cells are formed. These cells regenerate, producing more copies of themselves, known as daughter cells. These daughter cells may continue to produce more cells or may develop into specialized cells with more specific functions like operating as blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells, or bone cells.

These cells are also your body’s repair kit. When you experience an injury, your body’s cells rush to the area to begin the healing process.

These qualities make Cellular Therapy highly interesting to researchers as they can generate healthy cells to replace damaged and diseased cells, aiding in repairing the body, providing us with a form of regenerative medicine.

Are there different kinds of Cellular Therapy?
Various cells have been used in research in order to develop their regenerative processes, however, there are two main types of cells used in Cellular Therapy.

● Embryonic cells come from human embryos. This is because these cells are apt to divide into more cells or develop into any other type of cell within the body. These cells are often taken from fertilized eggs in vitro that were donated for Cellular Therapy.
● Adult cells are found in fully developed tissue such as bone marrow. Though adult cells may seem to have limited ability, they are still beneficial in creating blood cells, muscle cells, and bone cells.

What is medicinal signaling cell therapy?
Medicinal signaling cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, that attempts to use the body’s own cells and systems to heal itself with minimal harm to the patient.

Cellular Therapy makes use of relatively unspecialized cells and converts the cells into more specialized cells in order to repair and restore functions of diseased, dysfunctional, or damaged tissue within the body. It can help either accelerate the healing process or allow the body to heal an area that it could not reach before.

What conditions can be treated with medicinal signaling cell therapy?
We use medicinal signaling cell therapy to treat various conditions caused by tissue damage, as a result of injury, trauma, or even the natural effects of aging.

Common conditions treated include:
● Bone, cartilage and tendon injury
● Chronic pain
● Cognitive decline
● Dementia
● Diabetes or insulin resistance
● Forms of cancer including blood and skin cancer
● Heart disease or damage from a heart attack
● Joint problems
● Osteoarthritis
● Signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles

This Cellular Therapy can be used with other treatment options such as hormone replacement therapy. Cellular Therapy production rates have shown to increase when the body’s hormone levels are in balance, this means a faster rate of healing and regeneration.

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